Feb 2023.

Welcome to version 3.3

A few years had passed so it was about time some minor errors were corrected, and some design tweaks were implemented.

(don’t worry there is no mention of COVID19 in the book anywhere).

Please see here for version history.

Why use a handbook in a crisis? Because I’m increasingly convinced that we should be focusing on improving non-technical skills rather than sweating about remembering rarely needed facts. (plus there is a fair amount of evidence behind them (see here)

This resource is for educational purposes as well as improving patient safety. I have no interest in commercial gain. It is aimed at a New Zealand audience and a resource for hospitals and staff local to my region to be able to access the resource.

If you are interested in a very good commercial product I would recommend The ACM which can be found here.

Contrary to my partners usual order of eating, here’s the best bit first. The handbook is downloadable as an enhanced .pdf file. Contents pages are clickable for quick easy navigation throughout the document.

NZ Generic Version February  2023

(For localised versions – please click here)

v3.3 NZ Digital enhanced pdf version: NZ Digital Anaesthetic Crisis Handbook

v3.3 NZ Print Version: Book 1: Treating Known Emergencies; Book 2 Diagnosing Problems

Feel free to delve into the project further…..

Overview Presentation handouts


Design Choices & My Opinions

Video Demonstrations

Localisation Guide & Source Documents

How I made It

I hope you find the handbook interesting & useful. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Cheers, Adam Hollingworth

(if you’d like more info then please get in touch: adamhollingworth@icloud.com)

P.S. Please check out my other websites….

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Mate, I really admire your work. I’m due to start training again after a bit of hiatus and thought I would swing by your site and check out what you’ve been up to since the last time I came here for my primary prep. This manual is definitely a good aid to help kick start my brain!

    I also want to use this opportunity to say thank you for all your handwork and the selflessness in sharing your work with us. Big thumbs up mate!!


    1. Thanks Brian for your kind words! Lovely to hear nice feedback. Made my day as I happily(ish) sit in the library studying for part 2.

      I have some stuff I’ll try and put together for that as well come October (hopefully!)


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