Crisis Manual Localisation

I feel strongly that a crisis manual needs to be adapted for local use. Only in this way it can be of maximum benefit in the heat of a crisis. For example, what is blood bank’s number, do you have an anaphylaxis box and so on….

In this regard i added a telephone directory page to version 2. You could write on this manually or add in the numbers digitally. I still think having relevent info & numbers on the relevant pages is better though.

In order to help a localisation process I’ve made a guide. Please read it fully, follow the rules and thus make me happy.

View it here.

Source files in Apple Pages format can be downloaded via this dropbox link:

Any feedback is always appreciated.


Hutt handbook…

v2.0 Emerg

v2.0 Diag

CCDHB handbook….

v2.5 Emerg

v2.5 Diag


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