Crisis Handbook Localisation

Finished Localised Versions

Hutt Valley Hospital

Digital version v3.3 with clickable links 

Print Version: Emergency Book v3.3 ; Diagnosing Problems Book v3.3

Capital & Coast Hospitals (Many thanks to Hannah Janssens & Eilidh Menzies for localisation efforts)

Digital version: v3.3 with clickable links

Print Version: Emergency Book v3.3 ; Diagnosing Problems Book v3.3

Localisation Instructions

Crisis handbooks should be adapted for local use. Only in this way it can be of maximum benefit in the heat of a crisis. For example, what is blood bank’s number, do you have an anaphylaxis box and so on….

In this regard i added a telephone directory page to version 2. You could write on this manually or add in the numbers digitally. I still think having relevent info & numbers on the relevant pages is better though.

In order to help a localisation process I’ve made a guide. Please read it fully, follow the rules and thus make me happy.

View it here.

If you’d like the source files in Apple Pages format for editing then please email me:

Any feedback is always appreciated.


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