Version Guide

Click for a comprehensive change log. 

Otherwise a summary:

V1. Oct 15 -Original document

V2. Feb 17 – Multiple changes. To numerous to list here but can be found in this list here.

v2.1 Oct 17 – Minor additions mostly to do with adding in more paeds emergency information. 1 major correction on infraglottic rescue: 2nd breath via cannula should be 500ml not 250ml

v2.2 Nov 17 – Improvements to formulary terminology & dosing as well as some phrasing used throughout the book.

Major changes: CICO supraglottic page based on the Vortex Approach. Changes to adult and paeds arrest pages to better describe what to do with different airway strategies.

v2.3 Jan 18 – Added severe bronchospasm on 28d Low EtCO2 as a cause for no EtCO2.

v2.4 Apr 18 – Changes to bronchospasm. Decr max pressures, removed “listed in priority order”, changed LV failure to pulmonary oedema, improved suggestions around ventilatory strategies. Changes to low EtCO2 page: reordered differential diagnosis lists. Clarification on hyperkalaemia page on dosing of 10 units of insulin in mls.

v2.5 May 18 – Changed hyperkalaemia page to dosing in mls & undiluted insulin. Correction to instruction page formating. Slight correction on eclampsia magnesium regimes for local hospitals

v2.6 June 18 – Updates to Vortex airway page. (Thank you Dr Chrimes for your suggestions)

v3 August 2022 – Cleaner design especially content pages, enhancements to Digital version, numerous minor corrections

v3.1 September 2022 – Fixed tab design, adapted anaphylaxis page to draft ANZAAG guidelines, other small corrections and additions

v3.2 Dec 2022 – Updated to align with new NZ Massive Haemorrhage Protocol.

v3.3 Feb 2023 – Updates to low EtCO2 page including No Trace, Wrong Place. Some changes to  Tachy and Brady diagnosis algorithms and drug dosing


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